Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 23rd May 2023

Howdy, leisure lovers right here we’re once more to share with you the most recent replace on right now’s episode of YEH RISHTA KYA KHELATA HAI 23 MAY 2023 which is telecast on StarPlus. So let’s get began The episode begins with the scene when Everybody asks to Arohi the place is Abhir then Arohi tells them Abhimanyu shouldn’t be gathering the power to function Abhir. Manish asks Arohi to make perceive Abhimanyu to function with Abhir and Abhinav consoling Akshara who will get teary and cries that Abhimanyu by no means let something to Abhir.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

Akshara sings a tune repeatedly with out consuming water and Kairav asks to cease however she repeatedly sings then again Abhimanyu begins surgical procedure after coming to his sense. Abhinav goes and will get water for Akshu. Kairav says cease Akshu, she is singing for a very long time. Suwarna says she is combating our fears, she’s going to get a very good end result for her Tapasya. Akshu doesn’t drink the water.

After just a few hours, the operation will get to an finish and Abhimanyu comes out from the operation theatre everybody asks him about Abhi and asks if the surgical procedure went profitable or not. Then Abhimanyu tells them the surgical procedure went profitable and Abhir is ok. Abhinav hugs Abhimanyu and everybody will get completely satisfied tears.

Akshara provides because of Abhimanyu and apologizes to him to doubt Abhimanyu that he’s not one of the best surgeon and tells him if something will occur to Abhir she will reside then Abhimanyu additionally says identical for me as you Abhir can be my every part. Akshara apologizes and says to him sorry to doubt him and tells him he’s one of the best coronary heart surgeon.

Ruhi prays for Aabhir and says she’s going to play soccer with Aabhir when Abhir will get recuperate then Shefali asks Ruhi she doesn’t prefer to play soccer then why she says this. Ruhi replies she’s going to play for Abhir. Abhinav stands again when Abhir will get consciousness and calls Abhimanyu first then Abhir and Abhinav get shocked after listening to Abhimanyu’s phrases he’ll stick with him all the time. On the finish of the episode Abhinav and Akshara meet Abhir and Abhinav cries then again Abhimanyu checks the experiences of Abhir which come regular and says all of the experiences are good now. Abhinav involves Abhimanyu with teary eyes then he hugs Abhimanyu. Observe us for extra updates and keep tuned with us.

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