Whoopi Goldberg issues apology for using Romani slur Gypped

Whoopi Goldberg got here underneath hearth but once more for using a Romani supposed slur phrase, gypped, in relation to Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels’s hush cash. 

Right here is the whole lot you have to know.

Whoopi Goldberg issues public apology for using the phrase ‘gypped’

Whoopi Goldberg used an alleged derogatory phrase ‘gypped’ throughout a current episode of The View.

Furthermore, at the moment she was discussing potential legal prices in opposition to former U.S. President Donald Trump within the hush cash controversy with grownup film star Stormy Daniels.

She stated, ‘The individuals who nonetheless consider that he received, , gypped someway, will nonetheless consider that he cared sufficient… about his spouse to pay that cash from his private factor. I simply don’t perceive. If that was the case, then why all of the subterfuge? Why is Michael Cohen paying for it?’


Whoopi Goldberg issues public apology for using the phrase ‘gypped’ pic.Twitter.com/b8tyVNdcHK

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Nonetheless, Goldberg was fast to put up an apology Video shortly after the incident. As well as, she claimed that she didn’t use the phrases in a belittling method. However she ought to have realized the impact earlier than delivering the phrase on tv.

The View host talked about, ‘You understand while you’re a sure age you utilize phrases that from while you’re a child otherwise you keep in mind saying.’

Moreover, she continued, ‘That’s what I did at present and I shouldn’t have, I ought to have considered it just a little longer earlier than I stated it, however I didn’t.’

The 67-year-old actress added, ‘I ought to have stated ‘cheated,’ however I used one other phrase and I’m actually, actually sorry.’


Whale of a gal Twitter.com/hashtag/WhoopiGoldberg?src=hash&ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>#WhoopiGoldberg of Twitter.com/hashtag/TheView?src=hash&ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>#TheView apologizes for using the phrase “Twitter.com/hashtag/gypped?src=hash&ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>#gypped” when referring to Twitter.com/hashtag/DonaldTrump?src=hash&ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>#DonaldTrump‘ & Twitter.com/hashtag/StormyDaniels?src=hash&ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>#StormyDaniels. It is a longtime Twitter.com/hashtag/slang?src=hash&ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>#slang time period for being cheated or swindled, it slur by some due to its affiliation with “Twitter.com/hashtag/Gypsies?src=hash&ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>#Gypsies.” Twitter.com/hashtag/Whoopi?src=hash&ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>#Whoopi pic.Twitter.com/nor15rxg7Z

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The that means behind the Romani slur Gypped explored

The phrase ‘gypped’ is commonly used to explain the act of dishonest or swindling. 

Nonetheless, it has been seen as a racist slur in the direction of folks with Romani heritage as a consequence of its affiliation with Gypsies.


“The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg used the time period “gypped”–a slur for gypsies–whereas discussing former President Donald Trump. pic.Twitter.com/iJcmQuKFHm

— Mariana (@lonestarherd) Twitter.com/lonestarherd/standing/1636103682675671041?ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>March 15, 2023

Netizens react to Whoopi Goldberg’s apology after using the Romani slur

Many customers took to Twitter to name out Whoopi Goldberg for using ‘gypped’ regardless of her apology Video.

The award-winning actress clarified in her twenty-one-second lengthy Video that she meant ‘cheater or swindler’ when she used the phrase ‘gypped.’

However when on to publicly apologize for jot serious about the opposite methods it is likely to be perceived earlier than delivering the controversial time period.

One consumer wrote, ‘She will be able to’t assist. She’s previous and a hypocrite.’

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She will be able to’t assist. She’s previous and a hypocrite

— Joey (@france1_) Twitter.com/france1_/standing/1636145354856103936?ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>March 15, 2023

Another person chimed in to say, ‘She is ignorant and antisemitic. And what the heck is “subterfuge”?’

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She is ignorant snd antisemitic. And what the heck is “substefuge”?

— gLoRiA sChWaRtZ 🤪 (@SchwartzTime) Twitter.com/SchwartzTime/standing/1636207378201804802?ref_src=twsrcpercent5Etfw”>March 16, 2023


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