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Mind Teaser

Mind teasers are puzzle video games the place gamers attempt to determine an answer to an issue. As enjoyable as they’re, mind teasers additionally problem your mind. They’re an effective way to spice up psychological capability and lateral pondering abilities, keep reminiscence energy, and delight you. These workout routines may be structured in a number of the way. Usually, they take the type of puzzles that have to be solved. It typically requires pondering unconventionally with given constraints in thoughts; generally, it entails lateral pondering. Logic puzzles and riddles are some varieties of mind teasers.

Mind Teaser: What number should replace the question mark?

Have a look at the image posted beneath. You can see a math puzzle that solely these with a excessive IQ will have the ability to reply. Rigorously verify this math puzzle. Is it simple? Have been you capable of clear up this difficult math puzzle? In case you had been capable of clear up it, let’s make it a problem. Set a timer to fifteen seconds. Learn how quick you possibly can clear up this math puzzle. In case you can clear up this mind teaser in much less time, then that’s even higher. Now, go forward and produce out your mathematical mind to resolve this difficult puzzle. Your time begins now. All the finest!


When you brainstorm the solutions, here’s a difficult truth:

Fixing mind teasers repeatedly could make you brighter and sharper. How? Properly, mind teasers are recognized to enhance cognitive functioning and improve your crucial pondering and problem-solving talents. Additionally, as a bonus, they assist refresh your thoughts and offer you a much-needed break, breaking monotony. And finishing this text will enable you to elevate your IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and decide an individual’s intelligence. A win-win scenario, proper? Hurry up! The clock’s ticking! Have you ever solved the mind teaser but? Time’s up. We’re going to reveal the solutions now.

Mind Teaser: What number should replace the question mark? – Answer

To resolve a mathematical puzzle, observe the puzzle and attempt to clear up it to seek out the resolution to the downside. In case you can’t discover the resolution, we’ve got a solution for you. In case you are nonetheless working to determine it out, we’ve got the resolution to this mathematical puzzle. This puzzle will assist you to see how eager you’re and the way affordable an observer you’re. In case you nonetheless need assistance, the image beneath will enable you to perceive the resolution.

By multiplying the numbers in purple and subtracting the resolution by the number in yellow, we should get the number 6 which is in the center.

Now we’ve got 11*5 = 55, 61-55 = 6; 13*3 = 45, 45-39=6; 5*3=15, 21-15=6.

So now, 11*13= 143. X-143 = 6, X=6+143 =149. 

The lacking number is 149. 



Use mathematical equations and formulation to resolve mathematical puzzles. It explains the correct order by which to reply a mathematical question. Many mind puzzles are advanced partially due to intuitive human error.

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