What is the Jedi Killer?

The Jedi Killer is a drawing of a three-barrelled gun that is meant to kill Jedi from Star Wars.

The gun is a drawing by Kmlkmljkl, a YouTuber who posts comedic clips.

He posted an MS Paint drawing of the gun on Reddit and obtained over 1.7k upvotes.

Jedi are a fictional group of characters in the Star Wars universe who’re extremely expert warriors.

They’ve mystical energy of the Pressure, which incorporates telekenisis and thoughts management.

Jedi have lightsabers, that are powered by Kyber Crystals and may reduce by means of practically every thing.

Jedi Killer

The unique drawing incorporates a tripe-barreled gun named the “Jedi Killer”.

The Jedi in the drawing has a inexperienced gentle saber that deflected two bullets, however the third one hit him.

After the unique drawing was posted, many customers began making parodies of it.

Some customers added extra barrels to the gun whereas others added attachments.

Jedi meme

A consumer (Johnmarmalade on Reddit) drew another lightsaber on the Jedi, which deflected the third bullet.

As well as, he cancelled the the phrase “Killer” from “Jedi Killer”.

Different customers made drawings of the Jedi countering the gun.

Nonetheless, most customers made the gun extra highly effective.

Jedi Killer 2.0

A consumer (Al2theE_X on Reddit), added extra barrels to the gun in the drawing.

This countered the Jedi’s second gentle saber as the different two bullets hit him.

He named the drawing “Jedi Killer 2.0”, which is an upgraded model of the gun.

The publish obtained over 18k upvotes on Reddit.

Different edits of the drawing embody the similar gun, however with a number of barrels formed like a stickman, the similar gun with missles, and the similar drawing, however with an FN P90.

These memes are categorized as “Exploitable memes” as a result of individuals can simply make edits of it.

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