WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Answers 2023 Friday 26 May 2023

(*26*) Agricultural Science Practical Answers 2023 Friday 26 May 2023 may be accessed beneath.

Newsone experiences that the time for Waec Agricultural Science Practical 2023 is listed beneath for the primary Agricultural Science Practical and the second Agricultural Science Practical.

(*26*) Agricultural Science Practical Answers 2023

  • Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) – 09:30 am – 11:00 am (1st Set)
  • Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) – 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (2nd Set).

Consideration all (*26*) candidates! Are you ready to your upcoming Agricultural Science Practical examination on May twenty sixth, 2023? Beneath are Previous Agricultural Science Practical Answers.


A; hand fork
B; dibber
C; cross employees
D; solid web
E; feeding trough

A; it’s use for digging up weeds

B; it’s use for making holes within the soil

C; it’s use to make angel between two objects

D; it’s use for catching fish

E; livestock feed are positioned in it.

Wash rinse and dry after use

(i) horn
(ii) swivel

(i)it scale back wasted of animal feeds
(ii)it will increase degree of hygiene of animal feeds

F; Loamy soil
G; Clayey soil
H; Sandy soil
I; Earthworm
J; Termite

(i)it makes corn to germinate nicely
(ii)it’s Wealthy in humus
(iii)it’s nicely created and never water logged

(i)G; is reddish brown whereas H; is brownish in color
(ii)G; is tougher than H

(i) Temperature
(ii) pH
(iii) Rainfall

(i) Exhausting choosing
(ii) Spraying with pesticides

Okay; Grasshopper
L; Bean weevil
M; Mealybug

Okay; bitting and chewing
L; boring
M; piercing and sucking

Okay; cassava
L; Bean
M; cassava

(i)it create holes in crops
(ii)it expose crops to assault of illness
(iii)scale back market worth crops

(i) Bodily management
(ii) Organic management
(iii) Chemical management

N; Animal pores and skin
0; Tick
P; Roundworm

(i)it function meals
(ii)it’s a uncooked materials for making leather-based materials

(i)presence of proboscis
(ii)presence of legs

(i)it causes illness in animal
(ii)it causes malnutrition in animal

Beneath spec O;
(i) canine
(ii) cow

Beneath spec P

(i) Bodily management
(ii) Chemical management



(i) Authorities ought to erect as many market infrastructures as doable
(ii) Authorities ought to stabilize costs of farm produce within the county.

(i) Storage amenities must be offered by the federal government at sponsored charges.
(ii) Provision of storage chemical compounds akin to fumigants.

(i) Development of recent feeder roads to open up the agricultural areas.
(ii) Development of water methods to Link up the riverine areas.

(i) Rural farmers must be skilled on fashionable system of farming.
(ii) Mass literacy programme must be embarrassed upon by the federal government. E.g. Nomadic training.

(i) Flooding must be prevented.
(ii) Terracing and strip cropping also needs to br practiced.

(i) Dedication of measurement of farmland: Farm survey helps to find out the scale or hecterage of farmland.
(ii) For Feasibility Research: Farm survey can also be necessary or helpful for the preparation of feasibility research.
(iii) Correct Use Of Farmland: Farm survey permits farmers to make correct use of land.
(iv) Planning Of Farmstead: Farm maps or soil maps are helpful in planning the farmstead.

(i) Making a crumbly layer for planting
(ii) Protects the soil floor from fast drying
(iii) Improves each the air and water penetrability into the soil
(iv) Improves nutrient availability to vegetation.

(i)Broadcasting and band placement
(ii)Ring technique and aspect dressing/Row placement
(iii)Foliar software and fertigation/Utility by irrigation technique
(iv)Plough-sole technique and prime dressing

Alley cropping
This includes planting of leguminous bushes which are extensive aside as to permit the rising
of strips of arable crops throughout the rows of bushes. WHILE Ley farming
That is the follow of alternating arable crop manufacturing with the rising of forage
crops at completely different durations of time on a chunk of land.

(i)Common Provisions
(ii)Structure of Forest Reserves and Declaration of Protected Forests
(iii)Administration of Forest Reserves and Protected Forest
(iv)Native Authorities Plantations and Forest Reserves

(i) handbook sprinkling e.g. hand, brooms, brush.
(ii) Use of watering can and drip irrigation
(iii) Channel irrigation and sprinkler irrigation.

Macronutrients are the vitamins your physique wants in bigger quantities, specifically carbohydrates, protein, and fats. These present your physique with power, or energy. WHILE Micronutrients are the vitamins your physique wants in smaller quantities, that are generally known as nutritional vitamins and minerals.

(i)zinc (Zn)
(ii)manganese (Mn)
(iii) copper (Cu)

-Benefit vegetative propagation-
(i)Crops which are propagated vegetatively are precisely like their mother and father they’re true to sort
(ii)Crops established by vegetative means often develop quicker, and mature sooner than these established from seed
(iii)Seed dormancy issues are utterly eradicated in vegetative propagation

-Drawback vegetative propagation-
(i)The processes concerned are time consuming
(ii)There’s chance of the transmission of ailments in vegetative supplies
(iii)The planting materials is often cumbersome


-Dig the silage pit
-Minimize the recent grass/forage earlier than flowering
-Wilt for few hours/day
-Gather the wilted forage and lay it on the backside of the pit to an inexpensive degree
-Add ash/urea sprinkled on it
-Compress and add one other layer of wilted forage, compress and add additional ash/urea-fertilizer
-Add extra wilted forage, ash/urea and compress till pit is stuffed
-Lastly compress after which cowl with tarpaulin or plastic polythene sheet
-Go away to ferment with minimal of two – 4 weeks

(ii)Chamaecyparis obtusa
(iii)Sida acuta
(iv)Talinum fruticosum

(i)earing disease-resistant inventory
(ii)finishing up rotational grazing
(iii)feeding balanced ration
(iv)vaccinate their animals if doable and essential.
(v)Segregate sick animals and name a veterinarian for recommendation.

(i)rodents like large rats
(ii)grass cutter.
(iii) nematodes and birds.

Depreciation: (i) refers back to the discount within the worth or efficiency of an asset, e.g. a farm equipment.

Farm stock: (i) refers back to the information of all of the property and liabilities of a farm, Examples of property are money at hand, land and landed properties, equipment, crops and livestock.

steadiness sheet; (i)is a monetary assertion which reveals the property, liabilities and web value of a farm at some extent time. e;g; mortgage, document.

(i)Originality in thought, phrase and motion
(ii)He have to be a very good listener
(iii)Have to be affected person with the individuals and be capable to supply clear judgement in all points
(iv)Have to be trustworthy and clear
(v)Should be capable to take steps with out being directed
(vi)Should be capable to manage and implement programmes

(i)Beneficial climate situation and low importers of rice.
(ii)Discount within the value of inputs.
(iii)Discount in taxation which stimulates manufacturing or Importation of rice.

(i)By urine
(ii)By feces
(iii)by evaporation from the physique floor and respiratory tract.

I: Arachis Hypogaea
J: Gossypium Species
Okay: Elaeis Guineensis
L: Hevea Brasiliensis

I: Legume crops
J: Fibre crops
Okay: Oil crops
L: Latex crops

(i) Cleansing
(ii) Dehulling
(iii) Cooking
(iv) Urgent
(v) Filtration

(i) Brown germ
(ii) Galadema
(iii) Root blast
M: Birds
N: Fowls
O: Ruminants

N: it has thick muscular wall and will comprise stones
O: Composed of a number of sacs.
P: It’s the area the place most digestion of meals takes place.
Q: It’s a giant, meaty organ that sits on the correct aspect of the stomach.

N: Gizzard

(i) It modified for grinding meals
(ii) Its situated between sac like and the gut

O: Rumen
(i) It permits mixing and churning of digesta
(ii) It acts as a storage or holding vat for meals.

P: Small gut
(i) Soak up digested meals utterly
(ii) It secretes intestinal juice.
(iii) Churn and blend ingested meals, making it into chyme

Q: Liver
(i) Enzymes activation.
(ii) Bile manufacturing and excretion

F – It’s a liquid substance
G – It provides a attribute odour
H – It provides a attribute odour

They assist the expansion of crops

(i) Broadcasting
(ii) Placement
(iii) Foliar software

Decide a very good compost bin then find a spot with good daylight. Maintain the compost bin in a very good plate and add inexperienced and brown natural issues. Alternate between the layers well timed and moist the compost as nicely. At all times flip the compost and permit to decay.

F – Clear up extra Fertilizer in your sidewalk or driveway
G – Guarantee it’s correctly added to the soil
H – Guarantee hand gloves are worn
The Specimen B is a Castration gadget which employs a big clamp designed to interrupt the blood vessels supplying The testicles. As soon as the blood Provide to the testicles is misplaced testicular necrosis
the testicles shrink, Soften. And Castration is claimed to have occured.

Specimen C:
(i) used for livestock Identification
(ii) used for Monitoring livestock behaviour

Specimen D
(i) for fastening nuts & bolts
(ii) for loosening nuts and bolts

Specimen E
(i) For lightening
(ii) For producing Particularly warmth poultry

Specimen B
(ii) surgical blade

Specimen E
(i) electrical bulb
(ii)candle mild


A is an enlarged pair of scissors which possesses two lengthy steel blades and two handles which can be picket, steel, rubber or plastic. The blades are sharpened at one edge and are related to the pivot by bolt and nut.

(i) It’s use for pruning course of
(ii) It’s used for chopping flowers

(i) It’s use for weeding
(ii) It’s used for trimming hedges or shrubs

(i) Retailer in a cool dry place
(ii) Clear or wash after use
(iii) Stay away from rain to forestall rust

(i) Retailer in a cool dry place
(ii) At all times wash and clear after use
(iii) Sharpened the blade correctly

(i) Hoes
(ii) Hand Trowel


(i) It’s liquid
(ii) Wealthy in Nitrogen
(iii)It decreases cadbium focus within the soil
(iv) It provides decrease shoot dry matter
(v) It may be utilized by irrigation system
(vi) It’s an inorganic substance

(i) It’s stable
(ii) Not wealthy in Nitrogen
(iii) It doesn’t decreases cadbium focus within the soil
(iv) It provides increased shoot dry matter
(v) It cannot be utilized by irrigation system
(vi) It’s an natural substance


(i) NPK Fertilizer 15:15:15
(ii) Nitrate
(iii) Ammonia

(i) It may possibly injury vegetation
(ii) It impedes seed germination
(iii) It’s not steady
(iv) It have an effect on seedling progress
(v) It have an effect on early plant progress within the soil

(i)Specimen H: Centrosema pubescens

(ii)Specimen I: Pennisetum purpureum Schumach.

(iii)Specimen J: Pueraria phaseoloides

(i)Specimen H: is propagated by seed

(ii)Specimen I: is propagated vegetatively by stem cuttings

(iii)Specimen J: is propagated by seeds

(i)It’s a vigorous twining, trailing and climbing perennial legume.
(ii)It has a deep root-system with faucet roots and lateral roots.
(iii)It Leaves are darkish inexperienced and trifoliate
(iv)Leaflets are ovate, 4 cm lengthy x 3.5 cm broad.
(v)It Flowers are borne in axillary racemes, are vibrant or pale lilac with violet stripes.

(i)It’s used for conventional animal feed,
(ii)It’s used for pest administration
(iii)It’s used for enhancing soil fertility
(iv)It’s used for safeguarding arid land from soil.

(i)Advertising board

The method is called Pasteurization. It includes heating uncooked milk to a excessive temperature after which instantly cooling. It ought to r famous that the heating is only for 15seconds and the temperature is 72°C

(i)calcium and protein
(ii)potassium and phosphorus
(iii)nutritional vitamins B2 and B12.

(i) It reduces the manufacturing of M in livestocks
(ii) It have an effect on the amount of M produced
(iii) It makes the animal to grow to be weak
(iv) It additionally have an effect on the standard of M produced
(v) It have an effect on the nutrient degree of M produced

(i) Particular person technique
(ii) Group technique
(iii) Mass media

Particular person technique

(i) It provides the poultry farmers correct understanding of the illness.
(ii) It should improve practising

(i) Incapability to achieve many poultry farmers
(ii) It’s a time consuming technique
(iii) It might be very costly

(i) Insufficient farm enter
(ii) Insufficient fund
(iii) Insufficient expert labour
(iv) Drawback of distribution
(v) Insufficient farm machines

(i) Purple Sokoto
(ii) West African dwarf
(iii) Sahel
(iv) Nigerian dwarf goat
(i) Granting farmers mortgage
(ii) Institution of businesses like Nigeria Agriculture and Co-operative Financial institution(N.A.C.B)

(i) Institution of grownup training for farmers
(ii) Sensitizing farmers on significance of being educated

(i)Employment of extension officer to sensitize farmers
(ii) Funding of extension programmes

(i)Authorities ought to make insurance policies that may favour farmers and discourage overseas counterparts
(ii) Authorities ought to create a very good advertising and marketing channels for distribution of farm produce.


= Disc plough
(i) doesn’t have quite a few small disc
(ii) has no scrappers
(iii) no drawbar

= Disc Harrow
(i) include quite a few small disc
(ii) has scrappers
(iii) has drawbar

(i) It destroy soil construction
(ii) It might ends in erosion
(iii) It causes compaction attributable to its heavy weight
(iv) It have an effect on the fertility of the soil

Selective exploration is the method of chopping or harvesting solely mature bushes in a forest.
it’s a method of concentrating sure chosen species of timber in a forest reserve. The system permits for the harvesting of older bushes whereas the youthful ones stay as cowl to the floor of the forest.

(i) It ensures the focus of chosen species of timber in a forest.
(ii) It protects the soil from erosion.
(iii) It ensures the continual provide of timber.
(iv) It serves as a income base for the federal government.

Discipline pest of crops may be described as an organism, whether or not vegetation or animals which causes financial injury to crop vegetation, livestock and many others. WHILE storage pest of crops are insect or different animals that injury or destroys saved meals or different saved worthwhile natural issues.

(i) beetle
(ii) moths
(iii) rodents

(i) locusts
(ii) cater pillar insect
(iii) grasshopper

(i)Mulch planting beds with newspaper, leaves, bark, or wooden chips. Mulches retain soil moisture and enhance soil high quality.
(ii)Water your plantings with a soaker hose or a drip irrigation system.
(iii)Use a timing gadget with any watering system.
(iv)Use “wasted” water to your vegetation.
Feed consumption(g)|

Weight achieve(g)


(i) F – 22
(ii) H – 2.3

(i) Milk
(ii) Hides and pores and skin
(iii) Meat
(iv) Egg
(v) Blood

(i) Hydration
(ii) Carbonation
(iii) Hydrolysis
(i) It optimizes the steadiness of vegetative and reproductive progress
(ii) It will increase the efficacy of fertilization and pest management
(iii) It helps in prevention and remedy of illness.
(iv) It reduces threat of failure from lifeless or weak branches

(i) To extend the whole and head yield of the paddy
(ii) To forestall the lack of vitamins throughout milling
(iii) To salvage moist or broken paddy
(iv) To organize the rice in accordance with the necessities of shoppers

(i) By use of chemical compounds akin to herbicides
(ii) By weeding
(iii) By cultural practices
(iv) By use of fine tillage operation
(vi) Use of resistance varieties

(i) They’re used to reinforce the fantastic thing about a backyard or dwelling.
(ii) They’re grown for meals. Some chilies are grown as decorative vegetation. An instance is capsicums.
(iii) Some ornamentals can be utilized for medicinal functions.Instance of decorative herbs are rosemary, mexican marigold and lemon grass.
(iv) They take up carbon dioxide from the air and output oxygen thereby creating cleaner air.
(v) Fallen leaves of decorative vegetation makes good mulch and compost.
(i) TIME
(i) It determines whether or not or not the soil is nicely developed
(ii) It takes shorter time within the formation of immature soil
(iii) It additionally takes a very long time for plant to decay and grow to be a part of the soil

(i) It supplies water for hydrolysis
(ii) It helps to interrupt down some mum or dad rocks to type soil
(iii) It enhances vegetative progress of vegetation whose roots trigger additional breakdown

(i) They represent main supplies from which soil is shaped
(ii) It determines the chemical composition of the soil shaped
(iii) It’s hardness impacts the speed of soil formation

(i) Non-uniform of crops
(ii) Most exhaustive crops must be adopted by much less exhaustive e
(iii) Deep rooted crops must be succeeded by shallow rooted crops
(iv) Leguminous crops must be grown after non-leguminous crops

(i) It serves as cowl crops
(ii) It serves as meals for livestock
(iii) It’s used as inexperienced manure
(iv) It helps to forestall erosion
(v) It’s used for roofing farmstead


Waec Agricultural Science Practical Answers 2023 for twenty sixth May 2023

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