WAEC Agric Practical Questions and Answers 2023: Find WAEC Solutions Here

WAEC Agric Practical Questions and Answers 2023, discover WAEC options beneath.

Newsone stories that the time for Waec Agricultural Science Practical 2023 is listed beneath for the primary Agricultural Science Practical and the second Agricultural Science Practical.

  • Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) – 09:30 am – 11:00 am (1st Set)
  • Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) – 11:30 am – 1:00 pm (2nd Set).

Consideration all WAEC candidates! Are you ready on your upcoming Agricultural Science Practical examination on Could twenty sixth, 2023? Under are WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Answers.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is chargeable for conducting standardized checks in West Africa. Amongst these exams is the WAEC Agric Practical Examination, which is obligatory for college kids learning Agricultural Science. This examination goals to judge college students’ sensible abilities in numerous points of agricultural manufacturing, processing, and advertising and marketing.

The WAEC Agric Practical Examination consists of two components: a concept paper and a sensible paper. The speculation paper assesses college students’ understanding of agricultural ideas and rules and is value 100 marks. The sensible paper, value 200 marks, evaluates college students’ means to use their information in real-world agricultural situations.

Making ready for the WAEC Agric Practical Examination may be difficult however rewarding. College students who carry out effectively on this examination can be outfitted for future careers in agriculture. Some examples of the matters coated within the examination embrace:

  • Figuring out agricultural instruments: College students could also be required to acknowledge instruments corresponding to hoes, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, and watering cans.
  • Demonstrating seed planting: College students would possibly must showcase the proper methodology of planting a seed within the floor.
  • Demonstrating plant watering: College students could also be requested to reveal correct watering strategies for vegetation.
  • Figuring out agricultural pests: College students may very well be anticipated to determine pests like grasshoppers, termites, and rats.
  • Figuring out agricultural ailments: College students would possibly must determine ailments corresponding to leaf spot, powdery mildew, and rust.

These examples characterize just a few potential questions and solutions for the 2023 WAEC Agric Practical Examination. College students making ready for this examination ought to fastidiously evaluate their notes and textbooks. It is usually advisable to apply the sensible abilities that can be assessed. By dedicating time and effort to preparation, college students can improve their probabilities of reaching success within the examination.

WAEC Agric Practical 2023

The WAEC Agric Practical Examination questions and solutions for 2023 have been launched. This examination is performed by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) as a part of the Senior College Certificates Examination (SSCE) for Agricultural Science. The sensible paper will happen on Friday, Could 26, 2023.

The WAEC Agriculture sensible examination will start at 9:30 am. It’s designed to align with the requirements of earlier years by way of content material, talent evaluation, and adherence to the prescribed examination syllabus. College students can anticipate the examination to cowl a complete vary of matters associated to agricultural science.

Making ready completely for the WAEC Agric Practical Examination is essential for achievement. College students ought to make use of the supplied questions and solutions as a helpful useful resource of their preparation. By learning diligently and familiarizing themselves with the examination format, college students can improve their probabilities of reaching an excellent efficiency within the examination.

  1. Specimen A – Earthworm
  2. Specimen B – Termite
  3. Specimen C – Loamy Soil
  4. Specimen D – Sandy Soil
  5. Specimen E – Water Trough
  6. Specimen F – Feed Trough
  7. Specimen G – Egg Candler (Actual/Image/Diagram)
  8. Specimen H – Scoop Internet
  9. Specimen I – Sugarcane
  10. Specimen J – Pineapple Fruit (entire)
  11. Specimen Ok – Ginger (entire)
  12. Specimen L – Honey (labeled)
  13. Specimen M – Sawdust
  14. Specimen N – Wooden Shavings
  15. Specimen O – Electrical Bulb
  16. Specimen P – Kerosene Lamp
  17. Specimen Q – Charcoal Pot.

Query 1.

(a) Determine specimens F, G, and H.
(b) In a tabular kind, evaluate three bodily traits of specimens F and G.
(c) (i) Which of the specimens F and G would you advocate for pond building?
(ii) Give one purpose on your reply in 1(c)(i).
(d) Record two methods of bettering specimen H for crop manufacturing.
(e) State two methods by which specimen I is of financial significance in agriculture.

ANS: (a)  F (Clay soil), G (Loamy soil), and H (Sandy soil)
(c) Clay soil

Query 2.

(a) For every of specimens A, B, and D identify two farm instruments that may carry out features just like these of the specimens.
(b) Describe how specimens B and D are used.
(c) Describe every of specimens A and C.
(d) Enumerate 4 benefits of utilizing farm instruments for farm work.

Query 3.

(a) Determine specimens E
(b) State two makes use of of specimens E
(c) Give two upkeep practices for specimens E
(d) Title two different farm instruments that may carry out the perform of specimen E.


The Agric Practical Examination administered by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) contains 4 inquiries, all of which necessitate a response inside 1½ hours, accounting for a complete of 60 marks.

These questions have been meticulously crafted to judge college students’ comprehension and grasp of agricultural ideas and rules, in addition to their aptitude in making use of their information to real-life agricultural situations.

The focal areas of examination embody soil science, crop manufacturing, livestock manufacturing, agricultural economics, and agricultural extension. College students are anticipated to answer the questions in a lucid and succinct method, substantiating their solutions with supporting proof derived from their information and private expertise.

Whereas the WAEC Agric Practical Examination presents a formidable problem, it bears immense significance. Excelling on this examination equips college students with the required abilities and preparation for a affluent future within the discipline of agriculture.

To make sure success, it’s crucial to completely comprehend the given directions. Take your time, strategy the duties diligently, keep organizational effectivity, and search help when wanted. Keep in mind, apply breeds perfection! The extra you apply, the more proficient you’ll turn out to be at tackling the query sorts encountered within the examination


The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is a good examination board chargeable for coordinating and awarding certificates for examinations performed within the English-speaking international locations of West Africa. One in all its major assessments is the West African Senior College Certificates Examination (WASSCE), which serves as a standardized take a look at for college kids throughout West Africa.

Established in 1952, WAEC has performed a significant position within the schooling sector of West Africa. Its core features embody the coordination of examinations, issuance of certificates, and the institution of an endowment fund geared toward supporting schooling by lectures and aiding those that lack monetary assets.

WAEC examinations stay extremely regarded and broadly accepted in West Africa, serving as a benchmark for assessing the information and abilities of potential college students and workers by quite a few universities and employers within the area. Complete details about WAEC exams and certifications may be accessed by the council’s web site or native schooling authorities.

WAEC holds nice significance as an examination board for college kids in West Africa, with its exams having fun with broad recognition from universities and employers within the area. The council’s contributions to the schooling endowment fund and different initiatives additional reveal its substantial impression on the area’s academic panorama

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