Statue of Liberty Animation (Freedom Day)

The Statue of Liberty animation is an Nsfw animation by Tansau.

It additionally contains fan artwork, artwork works and different content material.

The animation went Viral as a result of it was circulated on a number of Social media platforms.

The primary model of the animation was launched in 2020 and a second model was launched in 2021.

On this article, you’ll be taught what’s the Statue of Liberty animation, also called Freedom Day by Tansau.

What’s the Statue of Liberty animation?

The Statue of Liberty animation is an Nsfw animation of the Statue of Liberty coming to life.

There are two variations of the animation—July 4th particular (2020) and Freedom Day 2021.

In each animations, the animator protrayed the statue as a scantily clad determine.

Within the first animation, the statue was dancing whereas “Look out, she’s America” by Otic Mcdonald is enjoying within the background.

The second animation entails the Statue of Liberty and one other statue.

Who made the Freedom Day animation?

Statue of Liberty animation

The Freedom Day animation was made by tansau.

Based on his DeviantArt profile, he’s an artist and hobbyist based mostly in the USA.

His favourite visible artists are Akira Toriyama, Ken Sugimori, Akira Watanabe, and plenty of extra.

His favourite TV exhibits are WWE Uncooked and Smackdown, ATHF, PPG, Dexter’s Lab, SGC2C, One-Punch Man, and MHA.

Different pursuits embrace Digital Music, Skilled Wrestling, and Martial Arts.

Tansau has 13.2k followers on NewGrounds and 14.2k watchers on DeviantArt.

Statue of Liberty Animation

You possibly can Watch the Statue of Liberty animations on NewGrounds right here:

The July 4th particular animation has greater than 194k views.

A preview of it (July 4th Particular Advert) was uploaded a month earlier than and it received 116k views.

The Freedom Day 2021 animation has greater than 1.2 million views.

A preview of it (July 4th 2021 Particular) was uploaded a month earlier than and it received 129k views.

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